A high level of automation
increases productivity


Intelligent industrial automation allows us to streamline the efficiency of your production and modern integrated automation is an important tool to maintain your competitiveness.

At DK EL we are experts in the development of management concepts with high production capacity and reliability for diverse production and processing plants. We provide complete solutions, from the development of ideas through tender documents to the design planning, development and implementation of the completed production plant with an intelligent automation that "binds the factory together” and provides an optimal production flow.

Qualified advice from experienced specialists

The key to optimal, stable and solid production operation lies in the effective management of automation processes, which free human resources for other important tasks through the automation of the heavy and monotonous processes that machines are much better able to perform.

Do you need advice about how you can make more effective use of automation? At DK EL, our specialist staff will advise you about what solutions would best fit into your production line, about the latest technologies, statutory requirements and about the differences in quality between the various solutions for stand-alone and entire production lines.

DK EL works with:

  • Industrial automation
  • Production optimisation
  • PLC - complete governance systems
  • Production of control panels
  • Industrial electrical installations

A high level of automation increases productivity

Like many others, you may be finding it difficult to stay up to date about all the new products in automation and use them optimally in your production.

A collaboration with DK EL gives you a partner who is constantly on the cutting edge of future options for intelligent solutions and who offers the latest technology and new products. The result is a high level of automation with a streamlined production process that brings increased productivity to your business.

Access the best automation suppliers

To develop your software, we work with the market’s most recognised automation suppliers, such as Siemens and Rockwell Automation, which are constantly on the leading edge of the future’s most intelligent options.

Why you should choose DK EL for automation

  • Qualified advice from specialist staff
  • Effective automation increases competitiveness
  • The right automation solution means reliability
  • Specialist knowledge in automation
  • Complete and comprehensive solution from one supplier
  • We operate locally, nationally and worldwide
  • High level of service with 24/7 call out service

Are you looking to optimise the efficiency of your production?

Engage in a no-obligation dialogue about how intelligent industrial automation can help you become more competitive and increase the reliability and efficiency of your production.

Contact DK EL at info@dkel.nu or call +45 91 89 91 89 if you have questions or want a non-binding offer.


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COO, Owner

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Phone: +45 29 12 37 78

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DK-7120 Vejle Ø

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