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In DK EL, we have in recent years experienced significant growth and development in our established electricity and installation-oriented business. We are now further strengthening our market position by establishing and developing an industrial IT- and automation-oriented business area.

With the new business area, DK AU2MATION, DK EL will be a market-leading player in the field of turn key electrical and control technology deliveries to the Danish production and manufacturing industry.

DK AU2MATION is headquartered in modern office facilities in Kolding, Denmark. We naturally work closely with the other DK EL branches located across the country.


The purpose of DK AU2MATION is to translate passion and expert know-how, as well as impartially convey "State Of the Art" automation and digital solutions - thus ensuring our customers competition and sustainable production and manufacturing in a global market.

With an open mindset and allowing room for many different ideas, the company also serves as a framework for exploration and as technological "playground" for highly motivated and ambitious employees, driven by a common passion and strong dedication to the industry.


We want to build and develop a modern IT and automation company powered by passion and energized by entrepreneurship. A company where employee driving forces set the course, and ensures that the entire team is on the right path and on the same track.

With a strong focus on each employee's well-being, including career and personal development opportunities, work assignments, social communities and sparring with like-minded colleagues, we want to build an attractive workplace and learning environment that attracts and retains the industry's most skilled experts. Both the industry's most experienced automation engineers and obvious new talents.

+ A team driven with shared dedication and passion for IT and automation technology.
+ A team with comprehensive expertise to solve even the most complicated IT and automation tasks across industries.
+ A team with capacity and volume to take on large tasks and at the same time offer flexibility for both customers and employees.
+ A team with expertise completeness where the company's various and complementary competencies add up to capabilities of ensuring and delivering state-of-the-art IT and automation technology.

Our ambition is to be recognized as a significant player among Danish IT and automation providers, with a leading market position, and a reputation based on quality, competence, flexibility and responsibility.

We want a company running on great entrepreneurship and professionalism, thereby ensuring a profitable business with financial freedom of action and room for renewal, innovation and development of each individual employee.

Want to know more about our business area?

Please contact Paul Robert Warming, Manager DK AU2MATION, at or +45 61 48 32 42.


Paul Robert Warming



Phone: +45 61 48 32 42

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