We develop reputable
PLC and IPC control platforms

Extensive experience with market-leading PLC systems and IPC control platforms

At DK AU2MATION, we have many years of experience from the Danish automation industry and in-depth knowledge of a number of the market's most recognized PLC and IPC control platforms.

We specialize in

  • Siemens PLC: Step5, Step 7, TIA portal
  • Beckhoff: TwinCAT 2 & 3, TwinCAT NC (servo applications), TwinSAFE, EtherCAT
  • Rockwell: Studio 5000 Logix Designer

With several decades in the industry, we have over the years become acquainted with the vast majority of the automation equipment that is today installed in the Danish industry. Both new and old and systems such as B&R, Schneider, Beijer Omron, Phoenix and Izumi.

Independent system integrator ensures the right choices

We act as an independent automation system integrator of PLC and IPC control platforms, and we are happy to advise customers like you to on how to choose the right solutions and systems for each individual task.

At DK AU2MATION, we are in on the latest as we stay continuously updated through continuing education and close partnerships with the market-leading automation providers.

Customized PLC solutions with applicable experience from many industries

We develop customized software solutions and have extensive domain know-how in a number of industries. Among others, the process and food industry, OEM machine production and transportation and logistics.

Customized software solutions are always based on your needs in the specific task. At the same time, the greatest possible recycling of fully developed, documented and tested software modules is strived for. This has great value. Both in relation to cost savings but not least the right quality of the overall delivery is ensured.

Why collaborate with DK AU2MATION on PLC systems and IPC control platforms?

  1. In-depth knowledge of PLC and IPC control platforms
  2. We know the actual automation equipment installed in the Danish industry
  3. Independent system integrator ensures the right choices
  4. Customized software solutions
  5. We reduce costs and ensure quality
  6. Delivery security
  7. Experienced and skilled automation engineers
  8. Quality work at the top end

Want to know more about PLC software development?

Learn more about our customized software solutions for, among others, the process and food industry, OEM machine production and transport and logistics.

Please contact Paul Robert Warming, Manager DK AU2MATION, at prw@dkau2mation.nu or +45 61 48 32 42.


Paul Robert Warming


Email: prw@dkau2mation.nu

Phone: +45 61 48 32 42

Contact us 24/7

+45 91 89 91 89

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