We are concerned and
make high demands

A Corporate Social responsibility company

DK EL is a Corporate Social Responsibility company. We are very demanding of the way that we and our suppliers collaborate with you and each other.

We have in interest in the development of talented apprentices

DK EL has a special focus on the development of talented apprentices and turning them into skilled industrial electricians or automation engineers. The development of new talent is crucial to our ability in the future to fulfil your requirements for advice and solid, innovative value added solutions in areas such as production and processing plants and control panels.

DK EL therefore has at least twenty apprentices employed at any given time and we think it is important to take the lead and show the way towards a skilled workforce, which is so important to our future expertise.

We are concerned about our employees

The foundation for DK EL’s success is our employees’ professional pride and know-how. We therefore support our employees’ constant quest to develop their skills through training and the search for new, smart solutions. We adopt a relaxed tone and have a safe and secure working environment with focus on a zero-workplace accidents policy.

We are concerned about our suppliers

DK EL believes it is important that our suppliers operate responsible businesses and are compliant with legislation and collective agreements, just like we are.

Contact DK EL at info@dkel.nu or call +45 91 89 91 89 if you have questions or want a non-binding offer.

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