Total partner ensures overview
and efficient operation

Certified electrical installer

DK EL is the only partner you need. We deal with everything; from small routine jobs to large and complex industrial electrical installation and automation solutions, stamped of course with the right authorisation.

Choosing DK EL as your total partner for all electrical work, you are taking on a specialist partner who works professionally in maintenance, urgent service tasks and the set-up of completely new production and processing plants and control panels.

Total partner ensures overview and efficient operation

As a manufacturing company, you are highly dependent upon all your electrical installations working flawlessly. Production downtime can have big consequences and cause serious losses in the form of capacity failure, waste and non-delivery.

With DK EL as your total partner, you are assured an experienced partner who will assure you the best conditions for an efficient, optimal and high production flow without disruptive downtime thanks to our quality solutions of the highest standard and professional advice. This is essential for both the processing industry and series-manufacturing companies.

DK EL works in areas such as:

  • Connection of control panels to the mains network
  • LED lighting
  • Troubleshooting and repair of electrical installations
  • Cabling
  • Installation of routing channels and cable risers
  • Industrial electrical assembly
  • Control panel set-up and assembly
  • Equalisation connections
  • Safety cut-off switches
  • Frequency converters

Simple, easy and flexible

DK EL has both the required technical knowledge and the necessary capacity to solve all the electrical tasks at your business. With a single fixed partner, is it easy for you to get us started with a task. because our talented technicians are already familiar with your business and can for example troubleshoot, solve the problem and get the processing plant started up again after a shutdown.

Why choose DK EL as your authorised electrical installer?

  • Complete and comprehensive solution from one supplier
  • High level of service and qualified advice
  • Customised service agreement with transparent prices
  • Skilled, experienced and adaptable employees
  • 24/7 call out service
  • High finish and quality at competitive prices
  • Spare parts and other materials delivered quickly
  • Know-how and rapid delivery


Denmark: Download certificate - authorization
Norway: Link to register (Search for DK EL)
Sweden: Link to register (Search forDK EL)


Does your business need an authorised electrical installer?

Engage in a no-obligation dialogue about the areas where DK EL can perform all electrical work in your business as total partner.

Contact DK EL at or call +45 91 89 91 89 if you have questions or want a non-binding offer.


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