The best quality control panels
made in Denmark

Control panels

DK EL designs, engineers, builds and assembles our own Danish produced control panels for industrial companies worldwide.

The company’s foundation is a no-compromises focus on quality, our experience as panel specialists, delivery to the agreed time and of course our control panels that will help your production flow to function 100 percent optimally.

The best quality control panels, made in Denmark

At DK EL, we are leaders in project planning, design engineering and on-site assembly of control panels that are the best choice for quality, security of supply and efficient production of customised solutions. We construct all types of control panels and are suppliers to, for example, the food industry, machine constructors, pharma, supply companies and agriculture worldwide.

When you choose DK EL, you are choosing a quality solution that is built from quality components from reputable suppliers. You receive a high level of service, qualified advice from experienced panel specialists, full documentation with electrical diagrams and specifications, as well as a reliable control panel that is fully tested and compliant with current regulations and standards.

UL508A certified

UL508A certificeret

DK EL is certified to UL50 8A standards and is authorised to manufacture control panels for both the US and Canadian markets.

UL50 8A certification means that we are authorised to construct control panels according to the UL508A standard that lays down requirements for design, construction, componentry, materials and documentation. UL50 8A certification means that we are able to deliver UL-branded control panels to American and Canadian slaughterhouses, dairies and other production companies.

Customised solutions at competitive prices

A collaboration with DK EL means a complete and comprehensive solution, from project planning to commissioning. If you have already designed and engineered your control panel, we can build your control panel from your plans.

Whether you need a solid standard solution or a spe-cialised, customised solution, we design, engineer, construct and test your control panel all under the same roof in Vejle. The close developmental collaboration and direct contact between our project engineers and specialist fitters will ensure that the control panel is constructed correctly and is 100 per cent customised to the requirements of your company.

Fast delivery and high security of supply

High production capacity, a strong economic foundation and experienced employees all help to ensure rapid delivery of control panels for your business at the agreed time, without it of course having a negative impact on our well-known quality.

Reliable, well-functioning control panels are crucial to your company’s production flow. Downtime is costly and when your company is really under pressure, we can supply specialised control panels within a few days so you can get your production up and running again.

Why choose DK EL as your supplier of control panels?

  • The best quality control panels, made in Denmark.
  • Complete and total solution from design to commissioning
  • Specialised and customised solutions
  • Robust standard solutions
  • Competitive prices
  • High level of service and qualified advice from experienced panel specialists
  • Know-how and rapid delivery
  • We use quality components from reputable suppliers
  • Our control panels are thoroughly tested and compliant with current regulations and standards
  • Full documentation with electrical diagrams and specifications

Are you interested in control panels from DK EL?

Engage in a no-obligation dialogue about the project planning, design engineering, construction and on-site assembly of control panels at your business?

Contact DK EL at or call +45 91 89 91 89 if you have questions or want a non-binding offer.


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