Designed to perform in
demanding production environments

KLV Terminals for the food industry

KLV Terminals from DK EL are developed and designed to perform in demanding production environments in slaughterhouses and in other food businesses that need quality touchscreen computers in stainless steel.

With a KLV Terminal from KL Automatik you get a robust operator interface in a hygienic design that is easy to clean. The touchscreen computer is user-friendly, and you can choose between a 15- or 17-inch screen. The terminal is built in stainless steel and with bevelled edges, which ensure easy cleaning and high hygiene standards that live up to all food standards.

Modular design allows for easy maintenance and upgrade

Are you tired of having to replace an entire terminal when some parts fail or when it no longer has the required capacity? With DK EL’s modular KLV Terminals it is easy to replace a defective part without having to invest in a brand-new touchscreen computer.

By replacing individual parts that are either broken or lack capacity, you can save a lot of money on the maintenance of your terminals. Further to making economic common sense, the result of our modular system is also that you will always have a properly functioning operator interface, which is geared to meet the demands to your production environment.

Why choose a KLV Terminal from DK EL?

  • Robust terminal in hygienic design
  • Easy to clean
  • Modular system
  • Easy to maintain and upgrade
  • Cabinet in stainless steel designed for the food industry
  • PC with quality components
  • Precise touchscreen
  • User-friendly operation

Terminals produced in Denmark

KLV Terminals from DK EL are fully built and produced in Denmark with approved quality components that are designed to be able to work in both cold, hot and freezing conditions, without sacrificing performance.

Our quality touchscreen computers are solidly built in stainless steel and resistant to dirt and grime.

Get a complete workstation

If requested, we can build the KLV Terminal into a complete workstation with stand system, table, printer shelf, network outlets etc., which of course live up to the highest hygiene standards.

Is your company looking for robust KLV Terminals?

You are welcome to a non-binding dialogue about how you with KLV Terminals from DK EL get robust touchscreen computers that are geared to meet the demands of your production environment.

Contact DK EL at or call +45 91 89 91 89 if you have questions or want a non-binding offer.

Download KLV Terminals Data Sheet

Download KLV Terminals Data Sheet


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