Printing of synthetic
signs and metal signs


Printing of synthetic signs and metal signs for industrial marking

With a professional marking of control boards, wires, cables and components, you can instantly see what needs to be checked during a troubleshooting. You can track history, durability and suppliers, just as you can easily take care of maintenance and make upgrades.

In DK EL we offer printing of your synthetic and metal signs. We print signs for terminal, conductor, cable, component and system marking, for example. Thanks to the intelligent fibre laser technology, we can produce signs for marking with permanent prints in a solid and durable quality. The prints are firmly attached - even when subjected to the most demanding conditions.

DK EL prints synthetic and metal signs for:

  • Terminal marking
  • Conductor note
  • Cable marking
  • Component marking
  • Installation marking
  • Tag numbers

Industrial marking

Have you, like us, experienced wasting a lot of time figuring out where each wire goes and how the installation is connected? Let us help you with synthetic and metal signs for professional and clearly marked systems, wires, cables and components that give professionals like you a quick overview of how an installation works and how it is connected.

With our synthetic and metal signs, you get a clear marking in a durable material that provides high readability throughout the entire lifetime of the cable, system or component. This means that you can locate faults more quickly and perform minor or major repairs, just as it will be easier to carry out installation updates and upgrades of your complete solution.

Why choose marking at DK EL?

  • Simple and easy troubleshooting
  • Maintenance and upgrades are done smoothly
  • You can track history, durability and suppliers
  • Carefully thought out marking is time-saving
  • Substantial quality and high delivery reliability
  • Safety warnings can easily be added

Do you want to know more about prints on synthetic and metal signs?

Get answers to all your questions about our solutions within printing of synthetic and metal signs and marking of control boards, wires, cables and components.

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