Effective, intelligent and
comprehensive fire protection

Fire protection (ABA)

With effective, intelligent and comprehensive fire protection, you prevent fires from happening, just as you reduce the damage significantly if a fire actually occurs. We are approved and certified by F&P and DBI to make fire alarm systems (ABA) and fire ventilation systems (ABV).

A fire in your company, construction site or warehouse exposes your employees to an unnecessary danger. At the same time, you risk losing your inventory, machines and valuable data. At DK EL, we have the experience and capacity to advise you on fire protection and set up, test and service fire alarm systems (ABA), fire ventilation systems (ABV) and alarm systems (AVA).

DK EL offers

  • Fire alarm systems (ABA)
  • Fire ventilation systems (ABV)
  • Alarm systems (AVA)
  • Advice, set-up, test and service

DBI certificeret


ABA approval number: 232.531
ABV approval number: 027T.067
AVA approval number: 024.090

We specialize in

  • Schneider FX Brandcentral
  • Autronica Autosafe 4
  • Autronica Autroprime
  • Consilium Therfire
  • Consilium Nitran
  • ADI MX 4000 - 4200 - 5000 - 5200
  • Honeywell

Create security with effective fire protection

DK EL has deep expertise in fire protection. We are ISO 9001 certified and approved and certified by DBI and F&P. We continue our education and stay updated on the latest knowledge in the field. We do this because we care about the fire safety of our customers.

We listen to your needs

A collaboration with DK EL starts with a free needs review of your location. We listen to your wishes and needs and put our many years of experience to work to guide you to the right solution.

The result of our collaboration on fire protection is that you protect employees from fire hazards, secure buildings, minimize the risk of downtime and loss of revenue due to fire damage or burnt down buildings.

Why collaborate with DK EL on fire protection?

  • Trained ABA-installer and approved by DBI and F&P
  • We are ISO 9001 certified
  • Creates security and safety for employees
  • Secures your buildings
  • Minimizes downtime
  • Solid and thorough coverage of needs
  • Professional and personal advice
  • One single point of contact at DK EL
  • Minimizes the risk of lost revenue due to fire damage and burnt down buildings

Want to know more about fire protection?

Learn how you, with a fire alarm system, fire ventilation system and alarm system, reduce the risk of personal injury and building damage, damage to equipment and goods as well as interruptions in your company's daily operations. Get a free needs review of your actual fire safety.

Please contact Michael Kronborg, Department Manager Safety & Security, at mkr@dkel.nu or +45 25 24 74 31.


Jette S. Jensen

Service Manager

Email: jsj@dkel.nu

Phone: +45 20 72 19 52

Contact us 24/7

+45 91 89 91 89

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