Prevent the risk of burglary, shrinkage
and production breakdown

TV surveillance (TV0)

With the market's leading systems within TV surveillance and video surveillance, you prevent and minimize the risk of burglary, shrinkage and production breakdown in your company.

A DK EL TV surveillance system minimizes the risk of burglary and prevents shrinkage. In case of burglary it serves as effective evidence, just as it is a perfect tool for construction site monitoring and process monitoring in manufacturing companies. If you want to livestream from your construction site or production facility, you can of course monitor the actual situation around the clock on your phone.

DK EL offers

  • Video surveillance
  • Proces monitoring
  • Construction site monitoring
  • TV surveillance in combination with burglary alarm and access control

Professionel video surveillance selection advice

At DK EL, we have many years of experience in creating personal and financial security in companies like yours. We are of course ready to advise you on your choice of system, number of cameras and location. Our solutions are always delivered with complete installation and thorough instructions with regard to app management, so that you will be prepared to take full advantage of the TV surveillance and video surveillance and use the system as an effective tool.

Proces monitoring in production companies

Video surveillance offers additional services besides from preventing burglary and shrinkage. Many of our customers use video surveillance for process monitoring of machine performance. The process monitoring ensures that the machines in production run as planned around the clock. Employees on duty are enabled to monitor production processes from home on their company telephone and thus be more flexible.

Why collaborate with DK EL on TV surveillance?

  • Reduce the risk of burglary
  • Prevent shrinkage in the company
  • Process monitoring increases the performance of machinery
  • Creates security and safety for employees
  • Documentation of incidents in connection with theft, violence, vandalism or the like
  • Professionel og personal advice
  • One single point of contact at DK EL
  • Complete and comprehensive solution from one supplier
  • High level of service with 24/7 on-call duty 365 days a year

Create security with effective TV surveillance

Get a non-binding dialogue on how you with TV surveillance (TV0) can preventively prevent burglary, shrinkage and vandalism. Also learn about construction site monitoring and how process monitoring of production ensures high uptime and maximum utilization of machinery.

Please contact Michael Kronborg, Department Manager Safety & Security, at or +45 25 24 74 31.


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