Total supplier of weighing
scales to the food industry

Scales for the food industry

Sales, assembly and service of weighing scales for dynamic weighing in slaughterhouses and the food industry are one of DK EL’s core competencies.

When you choose DK EL as total partner in sales, assembly and service of weighing scales, you gain a specialist partner with many years of experience in the construction of dynamic weighing systems during transport into the production line.

Total supplier of weighing scales to slaughterhouses

As a manufacturing company, you are extremely dependent on 100% functionality in your weighing system and dynamic weighing must not have a negative impact on your production speed.

Our advice and industry knowledge makes us experts in weighing scales dimensioning, ensuring that they are adapted to your production system. We have the necessary technical knowledge that allows us to work together with you towards customisation of engine running speed and the size of the weighing scales. Naturally, we assist in the certification and calibration of the scales as well as putting together the necessary documentation.

In combination, this ensures that you receive scales that are dimensioned 100% optimally, which means optimum flow and a high production speed.

Why use scales from DK EL?

  • Total partner with advice, sales, assembly and service
  • Dynamic weighing with high production speed
  • Weighing equipment can be connected to all modern production networks
  • Robust, reliable design
  • High precision, high speed
  • Stainless steel weighing scales of the highest quality
  • Large stock of spare parts
  • Strong response in case of breakdown

Weighing equipment can be connected to all modern production networks

Scales from DK EL can be connected to pretty well all modern production networks. There are numerous communication options.

Scales with numerous communications options:

  • Serial
  • Ethernet
  • Profinet
  • Profibus
  • Devicenet

If you have an older production network, we offer scales that will accommodate your particular requirements for an effective solution.

Scales repairs

If one of your scales breaks down, it will have a major impact on production. With DK EL, you can get hold of a technician right away. We have a strong response and stock the vast majority of spare parts, such as weighing instruments and weighing cells. This means that we can quickly repair your scales and minimise your production downtime.

Does your enterprise use scales?

Get in touch for a no-obligation discussion of how DK EL can help you with advice about the selection and installation of weighing scales.

Contact DK EL at or call +45 91 89 91 89 if you have questions or want a non-binding offer.

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